The moon and the Stars

June 9, 2017
By theaalberti BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
theaalberti BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
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The moon and the stars appear in everyone’s neighborhood. Maybe some can’t see the moon. Some can’t see the stars, because the city is too bright and close, blocking the twinkle from the stars to gleam down low. At my home, I can see both. I cannot tell whether the moon is a waning gibbous or a waxing...whatever. Even though the moon could be sitting and watching from above in many other neighborhoods, I feel they are connected to me. They shine as bright as the sun does during the day, only in the night. They shine as bright and as hopeful like I hope to one day. The stars twinkle, like I hope my eyes do when I laugh hysterically, crying.
The stars to me in my eyes, are angels.Yes they are bright and white but I mean real angels. They are the telescopes from heaven that look down upon the earth. I like to think that the brightest stars are my dogs that have traveled to doggie heaven. They link arms with my ancestors. The stars and moon represent me as a person because they come out at night, this is my favorite part of every day. The sun falls asleep, as the beautiful moon and stars come out and play. The moon and stars are comforting to me, they represent the calm and free part inside me. My favorite thing about the shining mysteries in the air is that, they are shared with everyone. I hope that those who look up at night find themselves, in the reflection they give off. That’s what they do for me.

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This is a Vignette that I wrote about the moon and stars!

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