The Human Form

June 8, 2017
By k_kurys SILVER, Wyckoff, New Jersey
k_kurys SILVER, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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The Brain
Imagine the inside of your brain.
Shocks of light transferring from nerve to nerve,
That is you.
That is all you will ever be.
Those are your memories, your actions, your thoughts.
The slight movement of a muscle,
The beat of your heart,
The blink of an eye.
It is an incredible organ,
The most complex.
But perhaps the most incredible part of the brain is that it will always remember.
It will remember the disappointment,
The anger,
And the joy.
It will remember the important lessons, the remarkable people, and the happier times.
Until those glimmers of light stop,
Until we can no longer remember,
The brain is a part of the human form.
The Eyes
Look into someone else’s eyes.
What can you see?
Shades of blue, green, and brown,
But what can you really see?
They always say that the eyes are the windows to the soul,
It’s true.
Look again.
You’d be surprised how much eyes can give away about someone.
Eyes show the life of a child,
The grace of an adult,
And the wisdom of an elder.
Eyes show feelings.
Light when happy,
Dark when angry,
And glossed over when upset.
Eyes show superiority, strength, and character.
Eyes help us to see the truth, the beauty, and the life in the world.
Until we age and prepare to shut our eyes one last time,
Until the life, grace, and wisdom fade completely,
The eyes are a part of the human form.


The Heart
With every beat, life pumps through us.
Our hearts hold onto the affection that others give us.
With our hearts we grow as people.
Flourishing under the care others give us.
We form friendships with our hearts.
We create relationships with our hearts.
We learn to love with our hearts.
We feel with our hearts.
We form passion in our hearts.
Passion that makes us learn,
That makes us love to learn.
In our hearts we feel the flutter of excitement when we start a new adventure,
And the painful jab of loss.
We would all like to think that we use the logic in our brains more than emotion,
But thanks to the heart, that can not be.
Until our hearts lay heavy in our chests,
Until the passion that once filled us fades to nothing,
The heart will be part of the human form.


The Hands
We use our hands to hold the things that we love.
When we are little we hold hands to cross the street,
And as we get older we hold the hand of the one that we care the most about.
We hold onto things worth holding on to,
And learn to let go of the things we don’t need.
Our hands grow as we get older in order to hold on to more,
To childhood dreams,
To the ones that we love,
To the objects we cherish.
Our hands feel the warmth of others, the cold of winter, the texture of our world.
They write our history and our fiction,
They help exaggerate the stories we tell to our friends,
And they end these tales with joy,
Or sadness,
Or hope.
Until our hands are too weak to hold what we love, who we love,
Until our hands can no longer help to tell our life’s stories,
The hands will be part of the human form.


And the Feet
Our feet help us to balance and to walk.
Our feet guide us to the direction in which we choose to go.
Our best companions, the feet take us down the paths we choose to take.
They will happily take us down the dark path through the cave,
The shady path through the trees,
And the bright path across the meadow.
They help us to chase butterflies,
Catch up with others,
And, when necessary, run away from our problems.
Our feet help us to walk confidently,
Run when angry,
And skip when happy.
Our feet do not question our choices or our motives,
They willingly lead the way.
Our feet slow down with age, with our minds.
There are far fewer paths to go down,
Far fewer decisions to make.
Until our feet drag in the dirt beneath us,
Until there is no direction to turn or path left to go down,
The feet will be part of the human form.

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