June 8, 2017
By est16 PLATINUM, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
est16 PLATINUM, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
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The process of Anxiety
Occurs so quietly
The mind is blocked by gray chains
Chains; the rustiness inserting pains
Pains of failure, pains of worry
Pains that cause your positivity to become blurry
Your mind raves a maddening rave
Locked by the anxiety; its slave
“I can’t do this,” you say. “I’m going to fail.”
As if your mind and bones are shriveled, old and frail
Something is missing, something is at lack
Yet, it is your mind that refuses to act
To fix the story you’ve written, you need to immerse yourself
Into it; having fun with writing is important health
Yet, the worrying increases
“I can’t change it to the way I want!” I can’t fix it!”
You must relax, in your mind you must fit
In positive thoughts, saying, “Yes, I can.”
“Not everything has to be organized or go according to a plan.”
The anxiety is muffled, your mind free!
The vibrant colors can only be viewed if you see

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