My Dog's Story

June 8, 2017
By nt10052 BRONZE, Middleville, Michigan
nt10052 BRONZE, Middleville, Michigan
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Sound filled the empty, dark space it seemed. I don’t know where I am. Unable to open my eyes to see where I am, all I could do in wiggle around where I was to just get a little feel to where I was. All I could hear was others whing around me, but just to realize, I was too. But the ones I heard that were also whining with me seemed to be getting more and more louder. The number of us seemed to be getting bigger in size. I just wish I was able to just open my eyes to see what was happening around me.
Wait, what’s happening? Everyone else that I hear is gone, I think? Everyone else that I have heard just didn’t leave. Because I can still hear them, I don’t know what I hear. But I hear them near by. I was trying to wiggle to the sounds, but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly where they were, and I am just laying they're to myself thinking, “I wish I could just open my eyes, and look to see where everyone is.” Then all of a sudden, someone or something is picking me up. I didn’t know what it was at first, but I managed to open my eyes got a second to see what it was. It was this, tall thing that had 2 eyes, a nose, a mouth, 2 arms and 2 legs. I was sitting there to myself thinking on what this thing was.
After a few weeks, I gotten a lot bigger and was one of the biggest ones out of my brothers and sisters, We were having so much fun, just running around and wrestling around with each other. Also, those tall things that I saw when I couldn’t open my eyes, they aren’t that bad, They give us this really good food twice a day, and it’s my most favorite part of the day.
One day I woke up to hear a lot more noise than is usually going on.There was a lot more of those tall things here, and they were taking my brother and sisters away. I tried to stop them, but the tall things were just too strong for me. I couldn’t do anything but watch. Watch, one by one of my siblings being taking away from me. Until I was the last one.
It was a couple days where it was just me, until one day. More of the tall things came, they didn’t came to see me at first, But when they did, It was heaven. They kept on petting and petting me, and this thing happened to my leg. It just kept on kicking and kicking and I couldn’t stop it. But, then they final took me out of the house and brought me to the car where now I stay until this very day.

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