Interior Monologue of a Pilot

June 8, 2017
By Anonymous

It’s just another day at work. I had been in the same seat for 20 years. First officer for Delta. I wonder if the flight will be smooth to Boston? I have to go through the checklist too. Why am I still here? Do people really trust a 55 year old to fly a boeing? The little kid who loves the cookies in the back probably does.

I had already gone over flight plans with Dave. Glad they already shut the c***pit door, I can’t stand listening to Lisa saying “welcome aboard” 100 times. I had my latte from starbucks that I get from the only starbucks in my terminal. I signaled that we were ready for pushback. The same guy I saw the other day got in is car locked to the plane. Back we went being pushed.

I picked runway 27 because it was my favorite to take off from. I got to see the water when I took off. Same view for the past 30 years. Can’t beat it compared to Kansas City’s views. I hoped we did not have another conflict with a passenger like in chicago last week. I have had a couple before. I taxied the plane to 27. 3rd in line for takeoff. I hated being 3rd. It would take so much longer for take off now. I waited my 20 minute period in thought about my fear of heights.

I turned the plane on to runway 27. Came to a stop. I heard my heartbeat out of my chest. I had 30 years under my belt and I still get nervous. I pushed the throttle and the plane soared down 27. Rotate. I looked down and was already freaking out. I looked at the altitude. 1,000 feet. I am such a baby aren’t I. I knew we had 29,000 more feet to go. At least it was relatively short flight to Boston. I had the plane flat at 30,000 feet after 20 minutes. I looked down out the window. I felt my stomach drop. It wasn’t even in an emergency or a nose dive. I looked down and saw how far up we were. I thought to myself. Aaahhhh! Might as well die now.

I sat in my seat as we cruised for an hour. I was wincing every time I looked down. Finally, I descended the plane. I was the happiest guy on that plane. I made the announcement that we are making our initial descent with so much enthusiasm. 30 minutes later we were lined up for our final approach. I cried on the inside with joy that the runway was so close. I touched the plane down gently. I felt relief being on the ground. I taxied to the gate. That was the first flight of the day. I had six more to go.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this because I love planes.

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