The Sea of Life

June 7, 2017

Water splashing around in circles

Shades of baby blue to a faint purple
The flow so smooth like silk
Reminds me of the ocean, my childhood, my home

I am calm, remembering the silent breeze, the soft air
Suddenly waves crash, collapsing, breaking me
Anger within me rages into a storm
A single splash of blood, a taste of revenge

Red, such a mysterious color, 
All symbolized by the color red
A color
Yet only one color
Can symbolize as much as a million words

Now for all I see is hatred
A contrast of my life
A reflection, a memory
I am no longer my past

My childhood, my home, my memories
All flushed away by a perfect storm
A perfect storm some might say
A nightmare, that’s all it was 

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