Weeds That we Call Grass

May 25, 2017
By Allie620 BRONZE, Huntley, Montana
Allie620 BRONZE, Huntley, Montana
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I look out at my yard and I see grass. Green grass freshly mowed. But then I look down at my feet and I see weeds. A few pieces of grass but for the most part weeds. I can walk anywhere in my yard and I would still see weeds, not grass. The allusion is amazing really. Mother nature is good at pretending just like we are. Maybe it is because our entire life we have been told that weeds are grass and flowers are weeds. We have become so accustomed to the lies that we think they are true and when we have children we will tell them that the weeds are called grass and the pretty yellow flowers are weeds. Just like society where if you are different you are a weed and if you are actually a weed you fit right in as grass. Just like the weeds have different shapes we are all a little different. Which is okay as long as you are the same color on the outside.

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