Daddy's Always Right

November 21, 2008
By Anonymous

I'm barely four years old
I'm watching Madeline
daddy turns the TV off
“it's way past your bedtime”

I fight and scream and cry
“but it's almost at the end”
as daddy tucks me into bed
“you'll watch tomorrow again”

he tells me one more story
before he turns off the light
“i know you may not see it now
but daddy's always right”

I've just turned eight years old
and today's my spelling test
“please, daddy, I don't feel well
I need to get some rest”

but he just rolls his eyes
says he's heard that one before
he cuts my eggos on the lines
and walks me out the door

He wishes me good luck
says “i know you'll be alright
you know those words by heart
trust me, daddy's always right”

I've just turned twelve years old
and spent an hour on my hair
it's my first day of junior high
and I can't chose what to wear

“but this skirt is way too long
and my shirt makes me look fat
I won't make any friends
if I go in dressed like that”

daddy walks me to the bus stop
and hugs me way too tight
“you look beautiful, no matter what
and daddy's always right”

I'm already sweet sixteen
and I thought I'd found the one
until he changed his mind
and my whole world came undone
“daddy I can't go to school
this is the worst day of my life
I'll never trust another boy
I'll never be a wife”

but he just laughs and tells me
“baby don't give up the fight
he's not good enough for my girl
don't you know daddy's always right?”

I'm eighteen and college bound
the years flew by so fast
it's time to start all over
and forget about the past

“daddy I want to go away to school
I hope you understand
I'm gonna help people one day
I've got my whole life planned”

he said “I've taught you all I could
and now it's your time to grow
and even though I'll miss you
I have to let you go

but there's one thing I should tell you
keep smiling, work hard, stay bright
and don't forget I love you
and daddy's always right”.

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on Apr. 2 2009 at 10:40 pm
Marisa Schussler BRONZE, River Vale, New Jersey
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Wow! That was the most amazing thing i have ever read. It almost brought me to tears. I really hope this gets published. They're all stupid if they don't pick you. Keep writing!

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