The Surrender

May 25, 2017
By Anonymous

Crystal raindrops flecked across her tearstained face.
Howling wind wrapped around her,
encasing her withered body
in a cocoon.
She could hear the roar of the car engines
as they raced passed;
she wondered where they were headed;
if they to were
going home.
Her hands trembled,
fear or joy,
she did not know.
She had become numb to the tears the ran down her face.
She couldn't tell between rain and tears anymore,
and she didn't rather care.
The girl looked down at herself,
studying her thin,
broken body,
withered from years of starvation.
She watched her trembling hands,
and her overturned wrists,
covered in scars
created from the lashes
of their words.
Emotions coursed through her body,
she could not describe how she felt.
A large black truck rolled out of the shadows, soaked in rain,
one headlight missing.
This will be the one,
she decided.
She prepared herself,
wiping she cloudy eyes,
but there was not much to prepare for.
She was going home.
Her eyes lit up. The truck was twenty feet away now.
She clenched her fists.
Ten feet.
She bolted;
running like there was no tomorrow,
For her,
there wasn't.
She felt the force of the car.
There was blood, and she knew it.
She could taste the blood on her tongue.
She only had one thought before everything was black:
I am free.

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