Blacked Out

May 24, 2017
By Paris_lemons BRONZE, Corona, California
Paris_lemons BRONZE, Corona, California
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Blacked out
A simple question,
It could be answered and is asked in many ways.

My question is,
Why is there so much hatred?
Why is there so many careless people?
Who don’t even care what they do.

My brother, my friend
Why you?
Brutally murdered protecting me.

Shot in the head
Lying on the stone cold ground,

I knew it was over
Your soul faded away into the light
I have flashbacks repeating and nightmares reappearing, SLEEP PARALYSIS!

You didn’t die in vain,
I'm still alive,
Your murderers finally captured

You are in a better place,
Where you are safe
Nothing can harm you now

It’s the third year
The anniversary of your passing
The tragic night
I still love you and miss you

Until we meet again,
In another life
I will once again say goodbye

The author's comments:

This is a piece I created by the nightmares I've had about having a boyfriend if something bad happened to me and he tried to protect me.

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