The watermelon knife

June 14, 2017
By Anonymous

“OUCH I say as i'm running to the bathroom in displeasure from the cut of a big knife. Hi my name is Orlando and I will be telling you a short story of how I got by a watermelon knife.

I had just gotten home after a long cold walk from the bus stop my sister and I decided to get some watermelon as I followed her into the kitchen
                                         to “help her cut it”.

As she was searching in the drawer for the knife I was getting it out of the fridge to put it on the top of the counter so she could cut it

As she took the knife slowly out of the drawer I told her to give it to me and she said no so I tried to grab it from her hands playing around but she pulled it so fast it cut my two index fingers and my pointer finger.

I ran to the bathroom in disbelief that I had just cut my fingers it hurt so bad so I put a bandaid on it as fast as I could wishing it would stop hurting so bad

I was so happy I didn't cut my fingers off my sister felt so bad for me but I told her not to worry because it was my fault that I had grabbed it the wrong way and it was my fault is there a right way to grab a knife? maybe not.

I was so scared it wouldn't heal at all and that I might have to get stitches or it might leave a scar but I guess I was wrong for thinking that because it healed and I was ok

although it felt like I was dying with pain that day I learned not to play around knives so that I wouldn't get cut again.

A few days later it felt better and the cut had gotten better and it closed up that is one thing I will never do or try again in my life because I don't wanna get cut again.

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