Midnight Scare

June 13, 2017
By , Grand Rapids, MI

It was a dark night, I was playing videogames In my room.
I looked at my watch and noticed that It was 11:30
of the afternoon, and I thought to myself, I can’t believe that I was up all night playing video games.         My whole family was sleeping except my mom because she was at her job.

I kept on playing games until I heard something shatter
from the kitchen.
I was so scared that I froze In fright
and wondered, who could be up this late at night.

I got up from my chair and got out of my room to go check what the sound was that I heard.

Stealthy, I started to walk across the hall so that I couldn’t be caught.
Another reason why I was scared was because It was so dark I thought that I was going to fall, making It obvious that someone In the kitchen knew that I was there.

I walked across  the hall and was In the living room, while I was In the living room I saw that the kitchen light was on.
So I carefully
started to walk Into the kitchen to see who It was that made the shattering noise.

Right when I got to the kitchen I peeked around the corner but before I could see, something shattered again and made me take a step back because It had startled me.

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