Ode to the capturing of light

June 12, 2017
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The rain stops,
I wait patiently to see that ball of light in the sky.
the sun breaks through the clouds

I jump up and grab you,
check your battery,
Of course
you’re dead.

So now I wait,
and wait.
Then after what feels like ages
you awaken.

I grab your sleek body with a grasp oh so gentle,
my finds glide perfectly to your buttons and switches.
I flick your switch with my thumb,
and you light up.

You are fully charged and ready to go,
I lay you close to my body and tighten your strap.
My other hand grabs your lens,
I twist and turn it to put you into focus.

I ring my friends,
“It’s the first sun of spring, we have to go,” I say.
As we whip around the corners of the road,
I can feel the sharp pain of excitement to use my dusty camera.

“Just jump!” echoes
I stand high above the water.
“I can’t just jump I have to do something crazy”, I think
whoosh , I jump to the sound of cameras snapping.

This is an ode to you, the last thing I have left from my mom,
my camera.

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