June 12, 2017
By kshah BRONZE, Rocky Hill, Connecticut
kshah BRONZE, Rocky Hill, Connecticut
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When we're children,
Life seems so simple. We spent our days
Playing dress up or with legos until the sun goes
Down. For most of the time, children are so carefree. There are no self image or societal expectations they need to fill. But that,
Unfortunately does not last long. Children then turn into teenagers.
Life is a bit more complicated. We can no longer spend our days playing around with our friends.
Instead we spend, some might say waste, our
Days listening to teachers go on about History or Science or Math or whatever they claim to be the most important subject.
There are expectations that the society upholds and the goal of every teenage individual is to accomplish it.
As our high school days fade, we are introduced to the real world as adults. Reality becomes a concept. You need to be able to speak, think and take care of yourself. Bills need to be paid and food needs to make its way to the dinner table.
The thing that remains the same between our teenage years and adulthood,
are the social expectations. We are expected to get married and start a family; living life "alone" is unacceptable.
Remember when life was simple?

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