Where Im From

June 11, 2017
By Anonymous

I am from the jungle. From wierd bugs, and coca plants. I am from the prison rough, small, dirty to the brim.

I am from the Angel Gabriell and loyalty is my passion. 

From Mama and Corina. 

I'm from the selling game, and taxiing for life.

From coca leaves. And the angel of the world. 

Im from the Catholic Religion, believing in god himself.

I'm from Bolivia, Coca leaves, prison food.

From the prison walls. The struggle to work as a kid.

Yet "Word traveled fast in a world as small as prison"  

The author's comments:

Its based on a book titled "I Am A Taxi" (also that quote at the end of it is from the great novel also.) its a wonderful book and it changed my whole outlook on the people and things in the world that we all take for granted when we dont think of thoes who have less than us. And I garentee your looking at this with something like a phone or computer and you dont even bother to look at the world around you. I encurage you to look around once in a while and think wow this is awesome and beautiful because life really is a gift that needs to never be forgotten. So if you are reading this please help someone else today because life is short so make it worth it for others who need your help.

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