The Cycle of Hurt People

June 11, 2017
By Negron-Carrasquillo BRONZE, Hartford, Connecticut
Negron-Carrasquillo BRONZE, Hartford, Connecticut
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It’s seems like what people want the most,

is exactly the same as what they fear the most:
Consistency. Love. Commitment. Loyalty. Honesty.
Giving up parts of yourself and revealing your weaknesses
in order to build a bond with another. All of these luxuries,
taken away from the people with hearts, and minds,
as pure as gold. Why? Because those that are so desperate
to conform to the standards placed by society
strip these enticing people of their purity.
All because the norm is to have your heart be “as cold as ice”
and “hurt them before they hurt you.”
They cause pain to the one’s whose intentions were true.
We’re all victims of our own lost-loves. Some people choose
to become what broke them, and others choose to become better.
We say love damages people, that trusting always backfires,
but reality is, people hurt people. And those people in pain,
hurt other people. We play our own part in the show of our downfall.

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