How to be a Beaver

March 24, 2009
By Anonymous

Being a beaver, it’s tough
Swimming all day making those dams is a hard job.
First you need to finds sticks, you must chew them up.
Pile them up, block off that stream.
Your dam is complete,
But that’s not all it takes to become a beaver.
Deep in to your private swimming area.
Find those trapped fish and destroy them.
Your beaver family is hungry, they want some trout.
A bear is coming!
Go under water, he won't see you,
But he knows you’re there.
Can you hold your breath for 30 minutes?
Peek your little beaver head out ,
Is he gone?
It’s safe, time to go back to your beaver hole.
It’s was a long day,
It sure its tough to be a beaver.
But the beaver life is the life or me.

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