The Long Road Home

June 9, 2017
By aidanclark98 BRONZE, Gig Harbor, Washington
aidanclark98 BRONZE, Gig Harbor, Washington
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Scattered flashes of memories, like lightening in a storm
Pictures, feelings, lights and sounds mostly without form
The constant clanging of metal throughout the day
Dishes, cage doors, leashes, and tags
The cold taste of metal bars, bitter yet comforting
Like a giant, futuristic pacifier
Friends come and go without explanation
Leaving no trace behind
Except muffled voices about the next one in mind

My door opens and strange hands carry me to the unknown
Bright lights followed by dark, unfamiliar places
Rumbling, gently swaying to the lullaby of the road
After an eternity, yet another, different prison
The same and yet warmer, the voices happier
New experiences come so quickly
Warm baths, nail trims, the occasional tiny treat
Life is looking better--perhaps next week...meat?

Solitary cells - single, surrounding, suffocating
No longer a part of my story and future
My forever family found, on the long road home.

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