Larry the Cockatiel

June 9, 2017
By , Gig Harbor, WA

He really likes to speak.
A bird who’s really unique.
Was a chick that was meek.
So old he's almost an antique.
A bird on a sunbathing streak.
His crest makes him look sleek.
With whom thyself might bespeak.
When I get home he tends to freak.
A bird that always seems mystique.
A tall white cage that tends to creak.
He gets around his cage with a sneak.
Can whistle yankee doodle for a week.
An old bird that always seems to peep.
His spirit is willing, but his flesh is weak.
Yellow plumage with rufous round cheeks.
Always covering his cage at night with a batik.
Always chowing down with birdseed in his beak.
The crest on his head looks like he came from a boutique.
When you touch his cage he’s willing to churn the other cheek.
Always hiding in the corner of his cage like he has a yellow streak.

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