Ode To My Truck

June 9, 2017

So many memories in one little truck
30 years on this earth
Little things that make it worth keeping

Pistons pumping
Fuel burning
Exhaust roaring
Mud slinging

Late nights
Red Bull and marlboros
Regretting the next day
Just to hear it run again

Motor roaring as loud as thunder
Tail pipe popping
Tires rolling
Radio bumping

Off the lot in 87
From grandpa to aunt
To step mom
To me
As many memories as a photo album

Clunk clunk
Something is wrong again
Breaking down as if it’s Tony Romo
Sounds I don't like

New parts
More and more money
Long shop nights
And good times

People say it’s not worth it
But for me it’s too many memories
And i’m not ready to quit

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