Oh Lady of Shalott!

June 6, 2017
By 20jm01 BRONZE, Shenzhen, Other
20jm01 BRONZE, Shenzhen, Other
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Oh Lady of Shalott!
The somber forest huddles,
The dark skies spread for miles,
The water slithers past the sedges and down the stream.

Oh Lady of Shalott!
Your pale face screams of terror,
Your eyes howl and your tears deluge into the river,
Your voice trembles as it sings its last song.

Oh Lady of Shalott!
The tempest whistles, the candles are blown,
Your vermillion hair sways from the screeching storm,
Your quilt slips and drowns into the frigid water,
Of the calm and beautiful Camelot river.

Slowly your grip loosens,
The rusty chain slips out of your stone-cold hand,
Ricocheting onto the surface of the water,
Then sinking to the bottom of the bed.

You lie in the presence of the Lord,
Your hand rests on the side of the boat,
Your tender voice fades,
Your breaths shorten.

The author's comments:

So I wrote this poem based on the painting « The Lady of Shalott » by John Williams Waterhouse. This was also a poem I did a poetry presentation about for my English class. So at first I had chosen this specific painting to write a poem on because it was on the padlet website my teacher sent out to all her students. Little did I know that I would actually end up liking it so much. The more I researched about the story behind the lady, the more I understood the hidden meanings behind the painting. I love all types of legends, and old stories so reading about a new one was actually really fun to do. Somehow I had a really easy time making this poem, and I think it was because the painting, and the story behind the painting spoke to me so much. Even the literary devices, and poetry restraints such as the alliteration in verse 4 of stanza 1 just rolled off my tongue. Basically, I was just really in my element, and I had a lot of fun while making this poem which is very rare since I usually have such a hard time with poetry.

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