My Knight in Moonlight

June 5, 2017
By IluvnarwhalesAKAevelyn BRONZE, San Diego, California
IluvnarwhalesAKAevelyn BRONZE, San Diego, California
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I had great grief for the

Thirteen misleads I found
There was no trace of succeed

I needed a vaccine

I pleaded to doctors on halloween

I sat as a doctor said proceed
There i sat in disbelief

That at seventeen I could be so incomplete
I mourned and indeed I was naive enough
To think I could redeem you


You fueled my happiness
You dissipated my madness
And told me how great I was
Despite your lack of appetite
All because you are my knight in Moonlight


Lets reunite in another life
Let's not set boundaries and fly by night
I will wait and let the starlight guide your way
As you say goodbye so polite
So ignite the fire in my soul and forgive those empty midnights because
You are my knight in Moonlight

The author's comments:

In conclusion, the thing that most inspired me from writing this poem was Living in the Past. I feel like each one of us has a thing that they don’t want to forget either being a person, a thing, or a place and one of my things that I don't want to forget is the enjoyment of fantasy and letting my imagination run wild

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