I Am a Disney-Fan

June 5, 2017
By Anonymous

I am a Disney-fan.
I was born the first moment that Mickey Mouse
whistled his merry tune.
I have been many people throughout my life.
I am Simba singing Hakuna Matata
with his friends.
I am Cinderella dancing the night away
with her true love.
I am Mr. Fredrickson adventuring
into the unknown of Paradise Falls.
The names of those who have joined my love for Disney sing
as loud as a choir of elephants… Tom Hanks, Danny Mann,
Mariah Carey, and-most importantly-Walt Disney himself.
I have wept for joy when Marlin finally found his lost son, Nemo,
laughed with Aladdin at the Genie’s demonstration of magic
and stood silently in despair as Mufasa joined the “great kings of the past”.
Throughout the course of the day I have been called upon to be a singer,
a comedian, a friend, a queen, and a dancer.
I am a paradox. I fight my best when I act like a princess.
Royalty is not one of my goals, but an imaginary crown never leaves my head
as my imagination roams wild.
I am the most fortunate of all who labor.
An actor gets to live the life of a stranger once for every play he/she performs.
I get to live the life of a thousand Disney characters as many times as I wish.
A scientist makes groundbreaking discoveries to improve technology for the future.
I discover new ways to improve the lives of hundreds of people
with every Disney movie.
I am a hero, constantly protecting others from Bias, Hatred, Depression,
Fear, Greed and Anger.
But I have great allies: Caring, Joy, Generosity, Pride, Love,
Bravery and Peace all fill the air with unstoppable optimism
I embrace the compassion of Disney wherever I go, and spread
its contagious love to others around me.
I consider others opinions about Disney, and will not argue
no matter what their answer is.
I look back on the lives of movie characters and learn from their mistakes,
preventing myself from repeating them.
With every moment comes a fork in the road, and Disney shows the outstanding
pot of gold at the end of the bumpier one with every “Happily Ever After”.
Disney proves the important of intelligence for upcoming conflicts, and reminds
me to increase my knowledge whenever possible.
And who do I have to thank for this incredible life that has been given to me,
but you the children. For where others grow old and tired, you keep Disney alive by feeding it fresh inspiration every day.
And so I have a past that flows with joy and kindness. I have a present that is
full of surprises and new findings that will help me for the awaiting adventures of the future.
I am a Disney-fan… and that’s what makes my life magical.

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