Ode to a Dove

June 4, 2017
By Anonymous

O Dove
You can fly to the top of the sky and beyond
to greet the gleaming stars.
Peaceful Dove
you are calmer than the moon’s light
glittering on the ocean on a quiet night.
Enchanting and majestic
along with spectacular you are.
The sun is bright but not as bright as your shiny wings..
Woosh! Woosh!
The sound of your wings coming down from the clouds to hug me.
You, the dove, are a completely silent bird.
For you are a single feather
falling down from the heavens to hug me.
Pure is what you are along with inspiration.
The bright light which shined on you now shines on me.
Light and bright is what you are.
Oh Dove
you are the opposite of a wave slapping the shore
for you can harm no one.
Peaceful Dove you fly away to the heavens once again.

The author's comments:

As I looked arounf the classroom, I realized it was empty. So I thought about a totally free creature that one can hold back.

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