The end

June 4, 2017
By uiuygiuyi BRONZE, Pepper Pike, Ohio
uiuygiuyi BRONZE, Pepper Pike, Ohio
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They told me don’t worry
They told me i'm beautiful
They told me i'm their friend

But i hear their whispered voices
I know the words of evil you spread
I will forever remember the hatred, the betrayal

I heard you say i was nothing
Then say i was stupid and insane
You think you know my life “story”

You would crumble if you had to spend one day in my life
One minute with my mind's constant thoughts
One second being betrayed by your closest friends
Trusting no one is just the beginning

They told me that i could tell them anything
They told me they were the only ones who would listen
They told me i was alone without them

But i know that they have secrets
Lots and lots of awful secrets
I know they only cover up their faces with pounds of makeup,
just  to feel secure.
I know that you speak through the devil.
You said you would listen,
You said you would listen
Well now,

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