It's Just Not Fair

June 4, 2017
By Anonymous

“You’re pretty good for a girl,” they said, after losing 23-0.
“What is a women to do?” uttered the male.
“You bench pressed 147 pounds!? Well, that’s something you don’t see everyday,” said the personal trainer.

Please remind me, since when could society suddenly come up with these stereotypes.
These stereotypes that discriminate one another.
When, instead, we could help each other.
Why hate, when you can have a teammate.
Why differentiate, when instead you can communicate.
Why underrate, when you can start to appreciate.
Why not just love, and not shove.
It’s just not fair.

Four gold medals, 19 Olympic and World Championship medals combined, and to set an American record for most gold medals in women’s gymnastics.
All done by Simone Biles, a 20-year old female olympian.
I’m not.

The author's comments:

Of course, as a girl, discrimination against females has been around quite often, to the point where some might get used to it. I hope people will come to realize that there are many scientific and athletic accomplishments that all starts with us women.

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