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Cookie Monster indescretions

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Cookie monster no like talking about cookies without eating cookies
Can cookie monster have a cookie?
Nom Nom Nom me love cookies
Me like girl cookies
Me like boy cookies
Me like all  cookies
Nom Nom Nom
Cookies Nom Nom Nom

Cookie monster is called monster but me no monster
Cookies like when I eat them
Cookies like how I eat them
Nom Nom Nom
Me take more cookies yes
Cookie Monster find cookies all over sesame street
Nom Nom Nom
People sell cookies for cheap
Nom Nom Nom
But me no pay for cookies
I cookie monster I eat cookies not pay for cookies
Nom Nom Nom
And some times when cookie monster really hungry
Nom Nom Nom
And cookie monster see cookies on sesame street
Cookie monster get so happy
Cookie monster watch those cookies
See cookie monster no monster
Cookie monster only take the cookies no one wants
Me no take big birds cookies or Elmo's cookies
Me good cookie monster 
More cookies
Nom Nom Nom
But when cookie monster see cookies no one wants on Sesame street
And cookie monster like cookies
Nom Nom Nom
Me take those cookies
Nom Nom Nom
Me eat those cookies
Nom Nom Nom
And sometimes some cookies are too hot
Nom Nom Nom
Sometimes the cookies are hard to chew
Nom Nom Nom
I get more cookies yes?
Cookie monster just breaks the cookies first
Nom Nom Nom
Sometimes cookie monster eat cookie in pieces
Nom Nom Nom
Sometimes cookie monster play with cookies
Nom NomNom
Me say” Cookie *sniff* you smell so good”
“Cookie, me no eat you, me just hold you”
But then me eat cookie
Haaa Haaa Haa Haa
Or Cookie monster say
“Cookie you are a bad cookie
Cookie monster will throw you away... In my tummy”
Haaa Haaa Haaa Haaa
Me cookie monster
Me like cookie monster
Cookie monster need more cookies
Elmo said it's okay
Nom Nom Nom
More cookies
Big bird said it's okay
Nom Nom Nom
More cookies?

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