June 2, 2017
By KaliF BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
KaliF BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I have stories,
Stories that are to be mustered.
I’ve been scared to walk the halls
Too scared to tell the truth
Speak Up. Let them know.
It’s harder than it looks.
Everyday people suffer,
Everyday nothing is being done.
I’ve heard, I’ve seen, I’ve been victimized.

Too tall, too skinny, too week
What I’ve heard, was only the beginning.
The beginning of something hard.
I’ve told, and told, and told
But all it did was get worse
Once, twice, three times a day
I’ve seen them point and aim
Shouting at me. Yelling!
Getting older got harder
“Big foot”, “Long legs”, “Ugly”, “Gay”.
The things I’ve been called,
Some of which I am not.
Nothing have I done to those bullies
Things happened as time grew.
But I’ve learned from the past not to let them get through.

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