Mother-An Indistinguishable Lover

June 2, 2017
By Anonymous

The almighty’s sent an angel,

To set the children of the world out of every tangle.

Her advices are like the divine’s very own words,

Savor them or you will endure a lot.

She tends to wounds,

With an affection unmatched.

She loves us all our life,

Biased and unconditional, without any lapse.

But we children do our usual blunders,

As time takes its usual toll.

We insult her and shun,

Yet she still loves us, unmisted by dejection.

Takes a lot of effort,

To realize our mistakes.

And when we wake up,

It is always too late.

So my dear mother;

I just want to let you know,

You mean the world to me.

Only a heart as dear as yours,

Would give so altruistically.

The prowess you possess,

You’ve got no Achilles heel.

Having a divine mother like you,

How utterly blessed I feel.

I still search in your reaches,

Consolations that actually console me.

A class apart from the whole world,

Is the motherly bliss and warmth

The author's comments:

Well, my mother's been my inspiration, and this poem is all about her and also about the mothers of this world in general.

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