June 1, 2017
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You’re always there and have my back
Even if I deserve a smack
When all my friends are gone
And have left me in the dust
You are always there
To help me forget why I felt lost

I can always count on you
To make me not feel blue
You can always make me smile
And you have no idea how much that makes me want to go the extra mile

You listen
Unlike all others
You share your time even when you have none to expend

We are not alike
Yet we always come together

Without you I’d be as basic as a pH of 14

You have an amazing glow
I’m glad I look like you

When I’m in trouble
If I call you
I know you will be there on the double

There is no better bond
Than between daughter and mother
Even with ups and downs
It is like no other

Your smile shines with joy
Green eyes sparkle in the light
Blonde hair shimmers with a young glow
Sporadic freckles the masterpiece
Which is you, my mom

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