May 23, 2017
By Allison14 BRONZE, Sheperdsville, Kentucky
Allison14 BRONZE, Sheperdsville, Kentucky
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 The Libras.
Just like the sun, your planet Venus shines ever so brightly.
As you are artistic and stylish, you would love to make a beautiful world.
Everything has to be fair, or you are not satisfied.
As you are born in the fall the month of October.  
You seem to always know the right things to say to make people comfortable.
You don't want to be alone.
As you believe everything is better as a pair.
As your element is air, you always have a higher mind and always put it to good use.
You request are for peace and harmony.
Even though you are lazy at work, you are bundles of energy when it comes to being outdoors.
The Libras.

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