June 1, 2017
By Anonymous

flick the switch and crank the beat.
My heart beats out of my chest it jumps.
I vanish but I’m not lost;
this is home.
Into the area I go as I barely blink,
submerged in the sounds, caught in the flow.

Deep into the water, drowning in the flow.
The tides thrash, grab and beat
me to the point where non-stop my eyes blink.
I can barely see I’m so far down, and in some direction I jump,
knowing I won’t reach the surface, but it’s okay, I’m already home.
In the waves of the words I’m reminded that I’m not really lost.

Feel the vibe, ignore what I’ve lost.
Let any blood from the gash flow
with no regret, no remorse. This home
is the pulse, the heartbeat
of life, the place where I truly open my eyes and blink.
Back to the roots, and into deepness I jump.

Slowly the mood jumps
back up from the deepness. I try to grasp what was once lost.
A light beams above, fleeting as an eye blink.
Fighting to go upriver against the flow.
A pounding, a pushing, the beat
lifts me up. Maybe my temper determines my home.

Cover the bruises, heal the scars. I’m going to a new home.
From lyrical genius to uplifting nonsense it jumps,
pulling me from my area, telling me to beat
and crush the things trying to make me lost.
There’s a new river, a new flow,
and this one has the gleam of an eye before the blink.

A twinkle, a shine, a flirtatious blink.
It’s more like a party in this house, this home.
Infectious is a smile, and through the radio waves it flows.
No feet on the floor, I feel the need to jump.
The ability to be completely mellow is lost.
I’m exhausted from fun, happily beat.

I find myself in the flow, for like a beacon it blinks.
Zoned out or uplifted, I jump into whichever home
fits. Either way, I don’t feel lost, I write my own beat

The author's comments:

I was listening to music XD

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