My Reality

June 1, 2017
By Yannamarsmiley SILVER, Miami, Florida
Yannamarsmiley SILVER, Miami, Florida
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In a small boat, floating on eyes,
I drift along thinking about true reality,
As my hair thins out, I become nothing but bone, a creature birthed from nightmares,
Dragged through life, I am then alone,
For I do remember my innocence
I allowed filth to eat me up, forced to take in malice.

I wasn't always this cruel, I never fed off of malice,
If only you could see through those blind eyes.
I don't know what I can do to prove my innocence,
Just please understand I didn't live an evil life.
Those things you call devils wouldn't leave me alone,
They talked and they held me in troubling nightmares.

Now I'm not surrounded by, but filled with nightmares.
My once clean pores ooze out malice,
With blood on my hands I stayed seated alone.
Blood runs out of holes that once had eyes.
This is how murder became my reality,
And how my once light being was drained of its innocence.

A child bursting with joy and innocence,
And a dark man battling his own nightmares.
Yet only one in mind he made his reality.
His booming personality created from malice,
I look into his dark eyes,
And time fled, now I'm sitting alone.

Negativity entered and here I will stay alone,
and yet he took my innocence.
The boat tips and rocks on this sea of dark eyes,
My actions are that of only nightmares.
He filled me with malice,
And here I still wallow in what was my reality.

He pushed and he hit, my response were kicks as we go deep in my nightmares.
Him stronger and yet I managed to fight as I was watched by dark eyes.
I ran that night, now I must face this reality.
I ran as I lost trace of all innocence.
So now I'm in this boat all alone,
All because those dark eyes swept over me with malice.

My reality now that of my nightmares,
I'll always be alone, stuck on a loop of floating on eyes,
For the innocence I had was taken and harshly filled with malice.

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