Deaths fresh kill

June 1, 2017
By Emma Terry BRONZE, Damn Miguel, California
Emma Terry BRONZE, Damn Miguel, California
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Sing in me muse, and through me tell the story of the green eyed girl whose inocence was broken. She first walked into the building and saw the body laying lifeless and limp. She felt her heart drop and she withheld her emotions behind a thick glass shield. That sheild was soon broken by the murder of crows trampling her. Immediately she felt the wet down her face, the tears kept falling until everything was shut out. Sing through me muse and help me tell me how she came back to the crows crowding around her screeching in a uncomprehendable way. She looked around and one by one the crows started to disappear, and each replaced by a human. They were still babbling in an uncomprehendable way, but it was farmilliar. All were only trying to console her uncolsoleable sorrow. She's couldn't speak. She stood up steadily and firmly and walked outside. She looked and the passing cars on a nearby street, unable to talk or move. She stood patiently waiting within the reach of deaths fresh kill.

The author's comments:

My mom died therefore I suppose this is how I felt at her service.

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