Sorry Mother, For Defying Father

May 29, 2017
By , Souderton, PA

Sorry mother, for defying Father
I know these acts are perceived as sinful
After submergence in holy water

But please, mom, there’s no need to be fearful
I am safe, and my partner protects me
And he is kind, and loving, and gentle

It’s hard to love unconditionally
When rumors spread around the Church about
My thoughts of homosexuality

But it’s hard for me too, to not come out
And be, by my peers and my priest, despised
But it’s time for me to rise from my doubt

I have been reborn, and likewise baptized
I kissed him for the first time in a pool
And lost all care for being criticized

Once you meet him, mother, I know that you’ll
See that I could be doing much worse
I could be getting drunk, high, looking a fool

I know you love God; this seems like a curse
But there are worse things than kissing boys in
Each and every parallel universe

When people ask, lift to the sky your chin
And say “my son is gay, and love will win”

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