Iam...a softballplayer

June 1, 2017
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I am... a softball player

    I was born the first time I saw a college softball game on TV.
    I have been many different things in nine different positions.
    I am knowledgeable the second the ball comes off the bat seeing its hit deep, knowing I need to drop step hard if I want any chance of making a play.
    I am a risk-taker when the pitcher releases the ball and I slide into second under the tag, safe after stealing a bag.
    The name of those who have practiced my profession are like stars in the night sky that shine bright for the whole world to see… Cat Osterman, Jennie Finch, Natasha Watley, and Lauren Chamberlain.
    I have cried tears of hurt as pain rushes throughout my shin, just a red blood starts to stain my white socks after being cleated and realizing that I shouldn’t have straddle the bag like I did.
    Throughout the course of a weekend I have been called to be a communicator calling for the ball and wanting the ball, a team-mate, a supporter, but most of all a cheerleader.
    I am a paradox. I am most principled and disciplined when I have done nothing wrong. I am the hardest worker when I’m relaxed.
    Material wealth is not one of my goals, but I am a full-time opportunity-seeker in my journey for success.
    I am the most fortunate of all who labor.
    A baseball player gets to take a lead before the ball is released. But in the game I love, reward comes to those who wait.
    A gymnast gets to wear tight leotards and do jumps and flips inside a hot, stuffy building. While, I am aloud to play in the dirt and grass while being outside in the sun working on my farmer’s tan.
    I am a warrior, going to battle daily against aches and pain, nervousness, myself, and tournament on back to back weekends.
    But I have great allies: individuality, parental/coach support, ice and weekends off from softball.
    And who do I have to thank for this wonderful life I live, but my coaches and parents for believing in me when I didn’t.
    And so, I have a past filled with friendships, injuries that I thought could end my career, and wicked tan lines. I also have a present filled with homeruns, challenges, and adventure. But I also have a future with many more games to play, more outs to get, more hits, and more laughter.
    I am a softball player… and I thank my coach for the opportunity to play for him.

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