June 1, 2017
By Thief39 BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
Thief39 BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
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Oh mistress of blossoms, how you did dance on a branch and fall into the river to drown
A crown of flowers wrapped around your head and pulled by the water adown
Your demise created huge gaping holes in many souls that shall never close
Your death caused Prince Hamlet and Laertes distraught with grief to fight-oppose 
The massacre and tragedy of the end would not have come to be without your mort
You caused a secession crisis shaking up the Danish court
You were mad, as you collected flowers, fell even as the water pulls you to your grave you sang
The murder of your dear father brought you Ophelia feelings of Sturm und Drang
You changed to the pensive bittersweet songbird from the daughter who was told to be dutiful A proper religious burial is in the churchyard even as the questions arises; it is beautiful
I  know not of your fate perchance this is a mistake and you will end up blessed in heaven
Or you will end  in purgatory, endlessly left repent and think waiting for your ascension

The author's comments:

As I was reading through Hamlet in my English class, I got the distinct feeling that Ophelia, through her death was the primary cause of the bloodshed that occurred at the end of the play. I wrote this poem to reflect those beliefs.

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