Females Know Your Wealth

May 31, 2017
By DazedOut BRONZE, Lynwood, Illinois
DazedOut BRONZE, Lynwood, Illinois
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There once was a man named Adam, through Adam came Eve. Now its easy to conceive that without men there's no women. A false truth that I don't believe
Men miss something through woman he can receive.
Unconditional support that he shouldn't want to decieve.
The day a real man finds his woman it'll cause much relief
Deception the snake's way of a negative release
Men abusing and using women thinking its cool like a mental disease
She accepts this with ease out of fear of not being wanted if the man isn't pleased
A mental battle that she must face
Sadly if the woman doesn't fit the statistical thoughts that refute what true biblical stories sought then she's nothing but a disgrace
Men, admire your woman make her your queen
Take a step back and think about what's more then in between

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