i can't

May 30, 2017
By Anonymous

I can’t.

I can’t because I try so hard but I always fall back down.
I can’t because of the voices.
I can’t because no matter how much I tell them to stop they
continue to bother me over and over again.
I can’t because i'm not self confident.
I can’t because i’m afraid to be rejected.
I can’t because they will judge me.

I'm afraid of you.
I'm afraid of me.
I’m afraid to be me.
I'm afraid that I will always screw something up.
I’m afraid to be replaced.

But I can’t fall now.

And I will never fall down.
And if I do I will always stand back up and fight.
And I don't have to listen to anyone that tries to put me down.

I can because I know that there is always something to fight for.
I can because i’m me.
I can because everybody can.
I can because i’m loved.
I can because I want to.
I can because I have to.

     I can.

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