Pain ive felt

May 30, 2017
By , Moline, IL

Pain is a feeling that we all had felt
It hurts real bad but we all get better
It doesn’t just make your heart break it also makes it melt
tell the person who hurt you,call, text might send a letter   

You go to school with a smile but it’s fake  
Your happy then mad you are confused
Tell them you're okay but inside it hurts it makes you break
They tell you to speak up but you had refused

Days go by and you're feeling better maybe ready
May be difficult to tell but they will understand,they will
Don't move too fast just remain steady
You wanna tell them all but maybe just a lil

Before you told your mom you told your friends
She helped and your heart is put back together
Your family and friends will be there to help until the end
When they are gone their spirits will always remain there forever

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