life as a student athlete

May 30, 2017
By BriggsSettlemier BRONZE, Piedmont, California
BriggsSettlemier BRONZE, Piedmont, California
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the world we want isn't the world we have
but were taught from a young age to take the good with the bad
and were taught from a young age to go out and chase our dreams
then were locked in a classroom and given no freedom until the age of eighteen

‘you'll be in this class with these people
the choice has already been made’
and it's been made by those who don't care
they just do it to get paid

taught what to be and not to be
based on their own beliefs
and just praying you go with it
because being unique

is a pain
in the brain
enough to drive a man insane
yet to the common educator
it's just taken as a game

you're gonna be the big kid who's an a**h***
they won't acknowledge you as a whole
and people won't think any different
any academic effort will leave them staring in discontent

you'll have a lot of friends and be considered cool
they won't acknowledge that you like school
you're an athlete
not a mathlete

and you've gotta have bad grades
but even though you’ve got a wit that's sharper than most blades
your poor decisions by the few
have led us to associate you

with the ones who don’t care
the never work for nothing rich kids
who go everywhere and anywhere
and there’s nothing that forbids

but just because my family worked hard
since 1916 in the yard
just because someone has money doesn’t mean they’re gonna spend it
but my dad he knows what’s best for me no matter how you bend it

be the bigger man, what an overrated saying
be the better person, so your personality isn’t decaying
but wouldn’t the bigger person be the person to get into a fight
because being bigger means being meaner because that’s just how it is, right?

the bigger meaner person can be described in one word; jock
and this jock has gotta be dumb because jocks are as dumb as rocks
because jocks can't like music, art, or writing
can’t be in a club or in the school play whether he’s acting or working on lighting

jocks can't show the way that they’re feeling
and a jock can't cry because jocks don’t cry unless nearby an onion is peeling
and that girl that he likes has to be the star
because a jock is too cool to ride with anyone else in his car

and to bring her to something that has sentimental meaning
for a dumb old jock that’d just be so demeaning
even at the new school i’m the big kid who can’t be smart
can’t be good at math be good at art

you're here to be an athlete who’s surely failing all his classes
and all your friends are surely just smart a**es
just because my friends do stupid things doesn’t mean that’s what i’m doing
but despite all that i’ll love my guys and all that they’re pursuing

in hong kong or connecticut
houston or dc
brooklyn or canada
we’re all JUST athletes

The author's comments:

My name is Briggs, and I am a 14-year-old boy who is a student athlete. I am on the bigger side at 6'2 240lbs. and I am frequently grouped into the category of 'jocks'. I am commonly misjudged because of my size, and it is frequently assumed of me that I'm just some dumb athlete. I decided to write a poem about the struggle of a student-athlete because it's something most kids deal with in common times.

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