The life of a child with Asperger’s

May 30, 2017
By Soremocha SILVER, West Jordan, Utah
Soremocha SILVER, West Jordan, Utah
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Oh, sweet, little child of innocence and cheer, went to school as she did every year. She was not like others, who all saw the same thing. She was one of a kind.
Her kind family spoke to her as if she was just like them, a person capable of carrying on a normal conversation, rather than speak to her as if she was just a baby.
This special child never ceased to amaze, always giving a different answer expected of those with a higher education than her.
She took instructions she was given directly to heart, approaching everything from a different angle than most. Her mother had given her a nice little book, which she read and then whimpered at what she had seen.
“Sweetie, what’s the matter?” her mother had asked. The small child replied, “Mother it’s not fair! The lady was doing what she was told! Now she’s in trouble!”
The mother then swapped the book for another and read through what caused her child’s eyes to water.
This was seen throughout the girl’s life, she was often bullied and picked on by her fellow peers while she was in pre-school and was always alone. No friends, just herself and her imagination, she was often lonely and sad throughout most of those days.
She moved pre-schools often. Always arriving to be assigned a friend she never played with, and leaving without making any. It was always just herself as her only friend. She never understood why no one liked her and why she had to play all alone. The only place she truly felt welcome at was her home.
She was told bad things would happen if she did things her way, whether it was how she colored, or how she played, there was always one reason or another, but she refused to be swayed. Soon she resorted to lie about who she was, in an effort to make friends, and all because…
She was lonely and upset, always on her own, and no matter what she did, she always walked alone.
She never understood why no one could understand. Why no one could see the world through her eyes and how fun it could be.
She was the number one target for bullying by her peers, and she took all the pain they threw, for many, many years.
She wanted to help, wanted to smile, but she could only do so in her isolation. She was a loner, her mind creative and free, in her own little world she could be who she wanted to be, but that never stopped her from trying to be like the others in her younger years, she was persistent, and always wiped away her tears.
Later in life, when she went to school, she always did something that caught attention. Something that made other people see her dimension.
She made them see, through her eyes, what the world could be. Her teachers were astounded, amazed, and surprised with this little girl. She made them see through her eyes.
She was undoubtedly clever, witty, and bright. Many people saw this, but a few disliked the girl’s light.
In her early years, during elementary school, a few of her peers and a teacher or two, would be cruel towards her, despite the golden rule.
In her second year of class, in elementary school, her second-grade teacher made her feel like a complete and utter fool. This was started because she had a knack, of showing others how brilliant she was for learning about The Big Whack. This was theory she learned of from television, an educational program, how delighted was she.
She knew something that her family never knew about. She ran and told her mother, who laughed and denied. Her daughter began to explain how she knew and her mother responded by looking it up too.
Her mother’s eyes widened with shock and surprise, her daughter was correct about this little theory, her mother was astounded and she could only say:
“Oh my God, she’s right!”
The girl then spoke only two sentences that showed that she knew: “See mom? I told you it was true!”
She presented this to her second-grade class, her teacher then became bitter and mean. Her hatred pointed towards a young girl, whose brilliance was seen.
The teacher took her things, put her down, and lowered her grade. This ruined the girl’s love for learning, which made her mother furious. This only made the child’s situation even more grim.
She felt like whatever she did was terribly wrong, but fortunately, this stage of the girl’s life did not last very long.
The events in this story, they are all true. The poem is long and the details are vivid. Leaving it here would be the best option, but before it all ends, I wish to inform you, I know the person whom the events happened to, and the answer I shall give may surprise you.
The young girl is the one writing this passage, this had all happened to me. That was my early life, memories from long ago, and all of them filled with strife. I am now happy with where I am.
And I hope you enjoyed my story of a poem.

The author's comments:

I spent a few days on this one and, once more, it was for a unit project in my creative writing class. This I hope will bring awareness to this particular topic. This is like a memoir poem. I just wrote with my heart, really. And it's long because I got really into writing it. I'll let the poem tell the rest of the story. It sums it up pretty clearly.

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