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May 30, 2017
By stephy04 BRONZE, Pflugerville, Texas
stephy04 BRONZE, Pflugerville, Texas
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I am a needy person        

And i refuse to believe that        

I act like a baby/child        

I realize this might be a shock,but     

Sometimes my emotions lie      

I am always in control of myself      

In 30 years, i will tell my children that    

I have my priorities straight because    


Is more important than        


I tell you this:               

Once upon a time         

In a perfect fairytale        

But this will not be true in my era       

Life is a lie          

Experts tell me         

It all ends          

I do not conclude that        

Being happy is safe        

In the future,          

I’ll keep my words in        

No longer can it be said that      

Dreams come true        

It will be evident that        

Cries and tears are normal       

It will be foolish to presume that     

We live life to the fullest       

And all this will come true               

unless we reverse it.

The author's comments:

My biggest inspiration was my just my relationships with people I love. I hope that this can be relatable to some other people out there. Its about how I feel that its hopeless sometimes but (when you read the poem from the bottom up) its also about how much I see hope for the world.

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