Dear Boy,

November 20, 2008
By Anonymous

Dear boy,

After I started hanging out with him and his crew. I knew that I could get all his friends to look at me. I could make them want me. I was kinda in this world where I was like baby, im a tease and you know you want me. After Marco left and Chris was at McDonalds and it was just u and me sittin there. I was like I like this guy. I considerably thought about leaning on that wall and putting my head on ur shoulder. Before that when you were always like hey wats up? That was pretty much cool with me. I want you boy to treat me like one of dem boys, cept that I am yourz exclusively. It takes me a while to figure things out. Expecially now since I know that all boys want is to get in my pants. I want someone who takes things kind a sorta slow. I want to think that you are the good guy. But when you say that you have gone all the way, it makes me think that you are trying to get me to go there boy. When u kissed me today boy. I freaked out. Ive never made out with a guy before. I kept wandering what u had put in ur mouth. What drugs u put in there. I wanted to know when u last washed ur hands. I kinda felt racist for real this time. Like you were dirty. But that’s beside the point. Your eyes they were big and brown, and I kept felling like I was going to pee my pants. You have to take it easy on me boy, I am an ammature. I keep feeling like I screwed up and I did. I just want it to be good and slow between us. Not to fast. And the question you asked me whatever happens happens. I just once again sorry to put him back in this story. I just cant get over that little boy I don’t know. I feel like a witch but with a b, sorry cant curse rents are here. I wanted u to look and you did now I don’t know what to do with you. Sorry my rents glare at you. I want everything to be okay with us. I want you to hmm forgive me?? J baby i am sorry that i hurt ur heart and now you have nothing more. Nothing left but me being someone im not. You can’t you leave me here I want you to stay here and never leave.

The author's comments:
This is a letter to one of my friends, I hope you girls find it similar to something you have went through

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