Lovesick Knight's Revenge

November 20, 2008
Here we are,
Tonight is our last dust,
Anymore? I can't bear,
This is all an act of lust.

My tears have been wasted like blood in war,
I'm a soldier without blood, now.
Like I said before, I can't anymore bear.
This is, to you, from me, my last deadly blow.

You don't know what you did
Not even a small bit,
These bullet and knife marks will never come off,
To be honest, I'd rather have you to leave off.

You rather stay?
Your heart is torn already, I should say,
Or maybe I am just guessing.
What will save you today is nothing.

Damn regret, I'd rather forget.
Men forgive and never forget,
Women forget and never forgive,
Or at least so I've heard it.
Just screw it.

I don't know what else to say,
I guess it's obvious what I want to tell,
It hurts me just to blame,
Sigh, you and your stupid innocence.

Your voice was my dream,
Your body my paradise,
Your lips my favorite meal,
But you were just a cheap TV deal.

Are you happy now?
Where are you falling into?
The arms of sorrow?
Welcome to my little world,
The one you destroyed.
And the one we shared...

For the sake of whatever is left...
My world you have been exiled from...
I am done with you...!

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