November 20, 2008
By Anonymous

My whole life
All 15 years
I have been living in shame
Hatred and blame
For being who I am
And looking the way I look
For all my respect and pride has been took
For I can’t change the way I am
For I feel that everyone would be better
If they found me laying, breathless, cold, lifeless
In a lake or dam
Oh how I wish that I was the same
As everyone else
For then there won’t be any names
To call me
Then I would be free, of name calling
Even the friends that once were
Isn’t there…no mo
For what reason I don’t know
Is it because of me, or what they see
But I don’t understand how that could be
When they pose to love me for me!
Oh what a world this is
Filled by god’s children
That’s so unappreciative
Of his creation
So I fell
That everyday
I should wear a mask
Cause for my whole like I have and always been

The author's comments:
this poem is apart of me and my feelings

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