May 18, 2017
By , Alvord, TX

He is a hero who fights for the night,
He gives villains quite a fright.

He is Batman with such a wonderful name,
He fights crime but never looks the same.

His enemy is a joker with a bad sense of humor,
With all the jokes he makes he could have given him a tumor.

There is also Boy Wonder who helps Batman fight crime, but each “ Boy “ never lasts the test of time.

Also Catwoman how could I forget,
She is the one who attacks with her whip.

Oh,and the villain that is called Harvey Dent,
When he steals he makes sure to take every cent.

Those are most of the villains that Batman fights,
He puts them in jail where they lose their rights.

P.S. There is a man called Bruce Wayne,
it’s kind of weird how him and Batman look the same.

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