Human's Best Friend

May 18, 2017
By Anonymous

Human is home!
I love my human so much
My job is to love my human always
Even if my human may not really love me
That’s not true. I know human loves me a lot
But even if, I love, love human with all my heart
Human is my very bestest friend in the whole world
Even though human ignores me sometimes and yells at me
Human doesn’t feed me sometimes, human says they forgot 00000000000000000
I know it is true because human is often forgetful and woozy 00000000000000000
   One sad day, bad humans took my human away, I cried lots 0000000000000000
    The day they were taken away, they were stumbling and strange 00000000000
      They also cried a whole lot, I comforted human, they felt better 000000000000
        Then the bad people came into my home and took them. Sad day 00000000
                 The bad people also took me too, we came to a scary building 0000000
                    The building was full of humans, they were acting strangely as well. 00
                                                           I was taken into a room, my human was there
                                                             I kissed human. I sensed human was very sick.
                                                               Human told me they were leaving. I didn’t want that.
                                                                  Human kept telling me it’d be all right. It wouldn’t be.
                                                                     I heard a beeping, getting slower, slower, and slower.
                                                                       Finally, the beeping stopped, human also stopped.
                                                                         Human was probably just sleeping. Funny human!
                                                                           Then bad people came into the room and took me
                                                                             I kissed human goodbye again, but I knew I’d see                            
                                                                              Him soon. I will still love human forever.

The author's comments:

It's supposed to be about a dog.

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