May 18, 2017
By Anonymous

People consider it like a drug,
I have to agree it is addicting.
People think it rots the brain,
for that I have to disagree.
People say it destroys the point of face to face conversation.
People call it all sorts of things,
But to me personally I call it my world, a place where my dreams are reality, and my nightmares thrive.
In this world I can be someone else completely: I could be someone from theĀ  future and fight aliens, or I could be someone from past and fight alongside napoleon. I will meet friends that I will probably never see their true face.
When I enter my world I forget all of my other world problems.
But once my time is done in my world, I have to leave to complete tasks in another world.
I take off my headphones, close out my world and then finally I have to shut it down, the screen goes black on my world.
I stand up, and walk away, and await the next time my world beckons me.

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