That One Night

May 17, 2017
By Shaq101 BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
Shaq101 BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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Since that night I've been scared for miles

As I go on-I have not smiled

As I slow down- I cannot think

I swallow hard but I just shrink-

From my grim dreams I have not waken

My life- it has been scarred and shaken

My pride has only fallen deep-

And I do cry- I cry and weep-

There- In my dark sleep- that one night

I turned and squirmed around- to fight

I got caught and used all my will

And then my heartbeat was so still-

I was dreaming, I was crazy-

When I woke my sight was hazy-

All my strength had gone astray

I needed to be away-

I had to find a near train

So I could escape the pain-

From the mem'ries, and the dark-

They have all left a black mark

(No longer am I like before)

I'm a mess and nothing more-

The author's comments:

This was a copy change poem from the poem of Edgar Allen Poe "Alone".

Everyone goes through tough moments in their life, and it's okay to be a mess sometimes.

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